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  • Course Description

    I will cover key areas of both the Macro and Micro course. Students will cover how economic decisions are made including the market economy, a detailed overlook at costs, elasticity, and government intervention in the market. Key examinable areas such as demand and supply, market structures, national income, international economics, and policy and economic performance will be covered. New additions to the new economics specification such as economics as a way of thinking, sustainability, government intervention and market failure will also be covered. Exam preparation including short question approach will be provided. Finally, a detailed lecture series on preparing for your project will be delivered.

  • What is the goal of this course?

    To ensure that students have an understanding of the key macro and micro elements of the Economics specification, particularly the new elements new specification. The course helps students to become economically literate, enabling them to develop and use critical thinking, data analysis and decision-making skills important in the exam and going forward in their future studies and careers.

  • What will the student learn from doing your course?

    Students will learn that Economics is a subject that gives you a different perspective on how you view the world. It enables students to develop skills, knowledge and values that are relevant to their daily lives. Students will be prepared and empowered to contribute to society and manage future challenges confidently. Students will build their competency in Economics through this course.

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