Course curriculum

  • 2

    1. RSR

  • 3

    2. Document Based Question

  • 4

    3. Pursuit of Sovereignty & Impact of Partition 1912 - 1949

    • Partition of Ireland 1912 - 1920

    • Anglo-Irish Treaty Negotiations 1921

    • Consolidation of Democracy in the Irish Free State 1923 - 1932

    • Anglo-Irish Relations 1923-1949 (1)

    • Eucharistic Congress 1932

    • Ireland North and South during World War II

    • Michael Collins

    • What attempts were made to make Ireland a Gaelic and Catholic country 1922 - 1939?

  • 5

    4. Dictatorship & Democracy 1920 - 1945

    • The Jarrow March 1936

    • Stalins Show Trials

    • Factors in Rise of Fascism in Europe 1920 - 1939

    • WWII & Technology of Warfare

    • How Hitler and Nazis created a Totalitarian State 1933 - 1939

    • Hitlers Foreign Policy and Path to War 1933 - 1939

    • How the Nuremberg Rallies were used to spread Nazi Propaganda

    • Social and Economic Problems of Britain 1920 - 1939

    • France Political & Economic Instability 1920 - 1940

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    • Review time? 🌟

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    • Feedback Survey

  • 8

    USA & the World 1945 - 1990

    • Impact of Moon Landing 1969 on USA

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Course Reviews

siobhan b

5 star rating

Inter war Britain and the Jarrow Crusade.



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Laura M

5 star rating

Loving this course!

Amazing quality notes which is an absolute must for a subject as text-heavy as history. The teacher is lovely too, I actually look forward to studying it n...

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Amazing quality notes which is an absolute must for a subject as text-heavy as history. The teacher is lovely too, I actually look forward to studying it now :)

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  • Course Description

    We will take on all the major Topics, Sections & Case Studies that are on the Leaving Cert including; Dictatorship and Democracy, The United State and the World, Northern Ireland, Movements for Political and Social Reform, The Pursuit of Sovereignty and the impact of Partition and of course …THE RSR and DBQ!

  • What is the goal of this course?

    To take the mystery out of Leaving Cert History! I want to give Grade Academy students the inside track on where to gain marks and more importantly that they understand what LC examiners are looking for. Lots of visuals, engaging, and, at times entertaining presentations. Concise, understandable notes and explanations. Students will get a renewed passion for the subject as well as a full understanding of the LC marking scheme.

  • What will the student learn from doing your course?

    They will learn how to approach all aspects of the exam: the Research Study Report (RSR), the Document-Based Question and Essays with full confidence. If you know what the Leaving cert examiners are looking for, you are well set for the exam itself.

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