Course curriculum

  • 3

    Mé Féin agus Mo Chlann

  • 4

    Mo Cheantar agus Mo Theach

    • Mo Cheantar agus Mo Theach

  • 5

    Scoil agus Saol na Scoile

    • Scoil agus Saol na Scoile

  • 6

    Mo Chaitheamh Aimsire

    • Mo Chaitheamh Aimsire

  • 7

    Mo Shaol tar éis na scoile

    • Mo Shaol tar éis na scoile

  • 8

    Saol an Duine Óig Inniu

    • Saol an Duine Óig Inniu

  • 9

    Aimsir Chaite

    • Aimsir Chaite

  • 10

    Aimsir Láithreach

    • Aimsir Láithreach

  • 11

    Aimsir Fháistineach

    • Aimsir Fháistineach

  • 12

    Modh Coinníollach

    • Modh Coinníollach

  • 13

    Cúrsaí Reatha

    • Cúrsaí Reatha

  • 14

    Sraith Pictiúir

    • Sraith Pictiúir 2022

    • Sraitheanna Phictúir 2023

  • 15

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Course Reviews

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Aoife L

5 star rating


5 out of 5. 👏

5 out of 5. 👏

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  • Course Description

    This course cover all potential sections which could be asked in the Irish oral exam. Everything from basic questions on your family to more complicated topics on current affairs and politics. Notes are provided on all the Straith Pictiúir along with detailed tips. This course is suitable for both Higher and Ordinary Level.

  • What is the goal of this course?

    The goal of this course is to cover each question that could be asked by the oral Irish examiners. Students will be provided help in the form of sample answers for each question which also being presented with extra phrases and advice which will ultimately give the student the necessary tools to master oral Irish.

  • What will the student learn from doing your course?

    Students will become proficient with each topic and how to be exam smart. The idea is that they build their own confidence and Irish speaking ability in order to achieve as high a grade as possible in their Oral exam.

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