Course curriculum

  • 1

    Grade Academy French - Starter Pack

  • 5

    Mon école - Mes Matières

    • 4. Mon école - Mes Matières

  • 6

    La Vie Quotidienne & Les Tâches Ménagères

    • 5. La Vie Quotidienne & Les Tâches Ménagères

  • 7


    • Review time? 🌟

  • 8

    Le Travail Et L'argent

    • 6. Le Travail Et L'argent

  • 9

    La Mode - L'Uniforme

    • 7. La Mode - L'Uniforme

  • 10

    Les Passe Temps - Les Loisirs

    • 8. Les Passe Temps - Les Loisirs

  • 11

    La Nourriture

    • 9. La Nourriture

  • 12

    Les Médias

    • 10. Les Médias

  • 13

    Les Vacances

    • 11. Les Vacances

  • 14


    • 12. Révisions

  • 15

    Win a €50 one4all voucher

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  • Course Description

    Taught by a native French native speaker, this course ensures the student understands basic grammar, vocabulary and the pronunciation required to stand out in the French oral. The 12 lessons in this course are aimed to help the students prepare for the oral exam with sample questions and sample answers, all read slowly to help them with their pronunciation.

  • What is the goal of this course?

    To give students the confidence to write and speak in French but also to help them retrieve information from a written text or audio piece.

  • What will the student learn from doing your course?

    The independence to build a sentence and not just learning something off by heart, the understanding of the French pronunciation. The two most important tools in learning a language are grammar and vocabulary. My videos and notes not only supply those tools but also the guidance on how to use them and hence help the students organise their thoughts.

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